Symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease

Woman With Symptoms Log into any mainstream medical website and you will find the following basic list of symptoms:

Chronic Fatigue Weight Gain
Poor Concentration Constipation
Depression Enlarged neck or Goiter
Hair Loss Infertility
Joint and Muscle Pain Dry Skin
Heavy or Irregular Menstrual Cycle Cold Intolerance


The problem with the list is that it is far from complete.  I personally spent a year going from Doctor to Doctor complaining of all of the above symptoms and many more – achy joints, muscle spasms, the arches of my feet hurt so bad I could hardly walk, my menstrual cycles were out of whack, I had difficulty concentrating, my memory was gone, I had anxiety, breast pain, burning tongue, digestive problems, an itch on my arms so intense I had to ice them in order to sleep, and a sex drive that got up and left the building.

After two years of sharing my long list of symptoms with doctors, I finally got a diagnosis of “Hypothyroid”.  Even with the diagnosis, when I presented my list of ongoing symptoms to various Doctors, I was told not to blame every problem I have on my thyroid.  I can happily share that once treated properly, ALL of my symptoms have subsided.

Since my own diagnosis, I have spent many hours on message boards and have come to realize that the thyroid effects almost every aspect of our being.  Below is a list of the symptoms I’ve complied from years of scouring Hashimoto’s message boards.  Check out our Hashimoto’s Forums and you will find post after post describing the symptoms below and innumerable responses of, “I have that to”.

List of Hashimoto’s Symptoms

Cold Feet

Weight Gain

Cold Hands

Weight Loss

Cold Intolerance

Brain Fog

Heat Intolerance


High Body Temperature


Low Body Temperature

Memory Impairment/forgetfulness


Memory Loss

Lactose Intolerant

Mental Disorders

Nutritional Deficiency

Neurologic Disorders

Brittle Nails

Poor Concentration



Dry hair


eye problems


Eyelid Swelling

Mood Swings

Fluid Retention


Hair Loss


Head ache


Heart Palpitations


High Cholesterol

Other Autoimmune Disease

Hot Flashes

Breast Tenderness


Cystic Breasts


Cystic Ovaries


Inability to get pregnant

Loss of or thinning outer eyebrows

Inability to Orgasm

Low Blood Pressure


Low Immune System

Low Sex Drive

Muscle Cramps

Menses Stops

Muscle Loss

Menstrual Irregularities

Muscle Weakness



Painful Breasts

Painful Joints

Painful Intercourse

Poor T4 to T3 Conversion


Puffy Eyes

Swollen Breasts

Repeated Infections

Vaginal Dryness

Restless Legs


Ridged Nails

Cracking skin

Slow Heartbeat

Dry Skin





Unexplained Pain


Yeast Infections



Wrinkled Fingertips

Liver Dysfunction

extreme fatigue/exhaustion

Brain Fog


Inability to Lose weight


Over weight

Difficulty Swallowing

Under Weight


Throat Pain


Tightness in neck

Sore throat

Since thyroid hormone effects every cell in your body, there is no doubt that this list could be expanded.  If you have symptoms that you believe should be added to the list please discuss them in the comment section below.

Because many Hashimoto’s folks also struggle with Candida, Adrenal Fatigue, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Allergies and gluten intolerance, I have created a Symptom Checker to help you identify what areas – in addition to addressing the autoimmune attacks on your thyroid – that you should talk to your doctor about.  Try the Symptom Checker Here.

For many this list will leave you with more questions than answers.  I have received invaluable information from other Hashimoto’s Victims.  If you have a question, try our secure forums.  You can feel safe posting here on our secure server. Share your experience and struggles with confidence that your privacy is protected.  I’m confident someone has experienced what you are going through and will share what worked for them.

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